The Roots of Palestine Run Deep and Strong!

10290648_10207184156575228_744782538340177993_n “Where was Israel in this year?… Israel did not exist.”  Haitham Khatib

The would cannot forever deny the right Palestinians have to their land; land that has been theirs for centuries peacefully cohabiting with the Jews long before the Zionist ideal took hold.  Even now, the orthodox Jews of Israel stand with the Palestinians against the Zionist ruling government.  How dare anyone claim Palestine has never existed? This is the proof.

1231442_10207185053757657_3212798764293413410_n “Even if the Zionists try to totally exterminate us until no one is left, they cannot take away or change our Palestinian culture and history…Zionists will never be able to change the history of Palestine.” Haitham Khatib

It is a well known fact that Zionist occupation of Palestine has continually worked to eradicate every trace of Palestine.  The Keren Kayemet LeYisrael KKL has actively through afforestation concealed 46 out of 68 former Palestinian villages laid in ruin by Israel.  The main purpose of these actions are to take over Palestinian land under the guise of afforestation to prevent “trespassing” ~ in other words, prevent the Palestinians from reclaiming the land and villages that are rightfully theirs.

There are many Jews in Palestine that are working to hold the Israeli/Zionist occupation and colonization to account for their past and continued illegal appropriation of Palestinian lands, one such NGO (Non-Government Organization), Zochrot believes that peace will come only after the country has been decolonized, enabling all its inhabitants and refugees to live together without the threat of expulsion or denial of Return.

Peace can happen and will happen.  The true faces of Palestine are ones of peace, for centuries Jew and Arab lived peacefully, respectfully together in these lands and this is still attainable.  The world’s governments must stand together with the Palestinian people and Jews who seek a dismantling of the Israeli/Zionist control of the country.  How this can be most effectively achieved is through world wide awareness and acceptance of the truth about the history of these lands.

It is not the roots of afforestation that run deep in Palestine; it is the roots of the very soul of the Palestinian people that run deepest.  Roots that forever hold the land and bare the fruit of hope, resiliency, and determination to survive, and reclaim what is rightfully theirs against great odds.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

1888612_10202934194408830_6174820751435918259_n “Our thirst for Freedom in unquenchable, for we are lovers of life and justice, and haters of barbarity and chaos ~ I put my trust in God.”  Haitham Khatib

In speaking with Haitham and others living, working and surviving in Palestine, this sentiment rings true throughout Palestine.  The greatest desire of any and all Palestinians is for peace in their country; an end to the barbarianism that is all to prevalent in the day-to-day life.  The people of Palestine want what everyone wants, to be able to live, exist, work, have families and make a good life for themselves and contribute positively to the world around them.

Like any other society caught in the middle of conflict, not of their own choosing or design, but by leaders and oppositions ruling for greater control over the other, the Palestinian people feel trapped and overwhelmed.

Every human being has a breaking point when faced with exceptionally overwhelming odds, and many living in Palestine face their own breaking points daily and yet in spite of it all, their spirits rise, and they hold their heads high, pushing through the pain, the loss, the struggle, resilient to the very core of their being, and hold on to continued hope that positive change is coming and they will see a free Palestine.