The Fishermen of Gaza

PalestineFishermenOfGaza-600x600The Fishermen of Gaza… once a thriving, prosperous industry in Palestine, fishing has now become a life threatening effort for fishermen who now struggle to catch enough to feed their families.  In this book – The Fisherman of Gaza, by photographer Fadi Thabet, a joint partner with the Faces of Palestine project, their story is boldly told through his pictures.  “The fishermen of Gaza are under a strict blockade policed by the Israeli Navy to keep within 3 Nautical miles, if they are allowed to leave the shore in the first place. Any violations by Gazan fishermen is punishable by violent and swift harassment, boat seizures, the destroying of fishing nets, arrests and even death.”  Learn more about their lives through the vibrant, compelling and provocative pictures.  You can purchase Fadi Thabet’s book through this link – Fisherman of Gaza


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