Palestine…In Your Eyes I see

1282231687-the-secrets-behind-the-palestinian-flag-_414349Palestine…  In your eyes I see the beauty of Palestine looking back at me

In your voice I hear the roar of generations subjected to war

Beaten but not broken, tortured and outspoken

Strong and with dignity, you stand on what is rightfully your land

Martyrs held in mothers’ arms

Wrapped in flags of national pride

Israel may control, but Israel cannot hide

Together with Palestine’s mothers I have cried

My hand upon my chest and its Palestine’s heart I feel beating

Dreams will give way to realty and face-to-face we will be meeting

Demonstrations and protests

Until freedom is won, Palestine’s mind never rests

Taking a stand for what is right in the face of what is wrong

In my mind I hear the call of Palestine’s National song, Fida’i!

Living under the same skies, under the same sun,

Together we stand as one!


Translation of Lyrics

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