Another Loss of Life…

It has been some time since I wrote actively about a place and people so very dear to my heart and forever in the forefront of my mind… Palestine and her people, the Palestinians.

I had taken a hiatus if you will, but I am back and just as impassioned about Palestine and the Palestinian Cause as ever before.

Earlier this week one of Gaza’s strongest and revered sons, #Mazen_Foqaha was assassinated. Reports and speculation state he was shot from a distance, possibly by a IOF or Mossad Sniper.

#Mazan_Foqaha was an active and honored member of Hamas. I am not going to speak about the politics and agendas of Hamas in this post.  My focus is on yet another loss of life.

What I want to say is that the Zionist Occupation of Palestine, and their government has instigated a response. There is no question that the murder of #Mazan_Foqaha is unjust and the murder(s) must be held to account.

To my brothers and sisters in Palestine, specifically Gaza… your souls are enraged and your hearts weep for the loss of #Mazan_Foqaha. Please know, I stand in solidarity with you and my soul is equally enraged and my heart weeps with yours at the loss of yet another precious life.

The Zionist regime has killed one, but their mistake is that in doing so they have created thousands more to fight back.This is what the Zionists hope to achieve. To kill one great leader to inflame the entire populace into a state of retaliation; this serves then to justify aggressive military action against Gaza, resulting potentially in the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands of innocent Palestinians. I agree that this murder needs justice. I pray that the leaders of Hamas use the greatest of wisdom… the Hikmah of Allah before they take immediate action toward justice for our beloved #Mazen_Foqaha

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