Who We Are

Faces of Palestine is a site I have created as part of a literary project, a book I am writing to feature the side of Palestine and the people of Palestine that the world must see.  This site and project carries no political or religious agenda.  I want the world to see the humanity of the Palestinian people, to hear their story, first hand.  To not only understand the history of Palestine, the plight of the Palestinian people, but to realize that the human beings living with and through hardship, loss, uncertainty and torment, continue to exist, hold hope, and fight for their freedom.  They are just like you and me.  Every Palestinian wants freedom to live, to be educated, to pursue careers and dreams, to make a positive difference in the world around them; they live and die just like every human being does.

My partners in this literary project are brave and courageous journalists living in Palestine and working on the front lines, risking their lives to bring greater awareness and garner support for the Palestinian cause.  I am honored and humbled to work together with these brave family men.  Together we will make a positive difference and together we can help and usher in peace for Palestine.

If you would like more information about our project, the book I am writing and how you may help to support it, please contact us at facesofpalestine@gmail.com 



Maria Atherton, born in the United States and living in Canada.  Maria is the lead writerimg_20170512_123408_1_1 for this literary project, The Faces of Palestine.  Maria is an educator, advocate and writer currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  She possesses a great passion and conviction for social justice and humanity, and actively works in her own community assisting and advocating for new refugees from the Middle East in their integration into Canadian society.

Haitham Khatib Site

Haitham Al Khatib, Palestinian citizen, living in the village of Billin, Ramallah, Palestine.  Haitham is the lead photojournalist and contributor to the Faces of Palestine literary project.  Haitham is also a published author and journalist with two books currently available, Books by Haitham Khatib

Haitham continues to persevere in his work to bring the truth of what is happening to and in Palestine to the world.

You can view Haitham’s video coverage on Youtube here – Haitham Khatib

Fadi Thibet

Fadi Thabet is a Palestinian citizen, living and working within Gaza, Palestine.  Fadi is a photojournalist and partner in the Faces of Palestine Literary Project.  Fadi has a BA in Arts from the Al Aqsa Universtiy and is an Arts Teacher at the New Gaze Prep “c” Boys School in Gaza.




12516502_949264661831486_43296446_nAhmad Hasaballah is a 21-year-old student of Al-Hazar University & Technical Institute in Gaza completing his degree in Press and Public Relations while also working as a freelance journalist in Gaza.  Ahmad works in some of the most dangerous areas of the occupation border along the Gaza strip to capture ongoing clashes between occupation forces and Palestinian resistance.

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