Contributors and Supporters

I want to acknowledge the following people who have and continue to contribute their time, photographs, content and life stories to the Faces of Palestine site and coming book.  Without these amazing people, this project and coming book would not be a success.  It is with utmost respect and great gratitude that I introduce you to them here.



Haitham Khatib

photographer, videographer, author and

co-author of Faces of Palestine, Bil’in, Palestine.



Fadi Thibet




Fadi Thabet

photographer, author and contributor, Gaza, Palestine





Ahmad Hasaballah

freelance press photographer and contributor, Gaza, Palestine



Hani 2




Hani Qtar

social psychologist and humanitarian aid worker, and contributor, Gaza, Palestine








Iyad Abu-Hewella

freelance journalist and humanitarian aid worker, and contributor, Gaza, Palestine






Yousef Mema

Activist and Community Nursing Aid, supporter and contributor, Gaza, Palestine