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Iyad AbuHewella3Please Donate to Faces of Palestine Humanitarian Efforts:

Iyad Abu Hewella is a journalist and photographer living in Gaza, and is an active contributor to this site and project.  One of Iyad’s passions is his humanitarian work on the ground in Gaza.  This recent video shows how your help can make a huge humanitarian difference in the lives of those affected and displaced by wars in Gaza.

A message from Iyad to all of you…

“After receiving compassionate donations from Ms. Jackie, allocated for a poor Palestinian family, we were able to provide the family’s children with clothes for winter. We have recorded and produced this video for the family in which they appealed to anyone willing to offer help for them. You have full right to see your donations targeting the Palestinian families in greatest need through illustrating videos; we have a professional team including a photographer, editor, producer, director, translator, and videographer who are going to show your donations in action step by step. Regarding helping this family, I have already published a post through which I showed the children receiving the winter clothes including photos taken by our photographer, Farouq, working with us on the ground in Gaza.

The family featured in this video, are just one of thousands displaced by wars and conflicts in Gaza. The generous donations of just one person has not only helped this family materially, but also in giving them hope that they are not forgotten and that there are people who still care about them, about the sanctity of humanity. There are many more who need your help and support, and for every family helped you will see more videos like this, showing you how and where your financial support has helped the most. The gratitude of this family for the help received through generous donations surpass words alone; the help received has made a lasting difference in their lives, minds and hearts forever. I would like to thank you in advance for your support, for our displaced families in Gaza.”

All donations received through this site are going directly to the children and families in Palestine that are in greatest need and most at risk.  Monies contributed are to help provide much-needed medical care, medicines, food, clothing, and the necessities of life.

Every child and family that receive your donations will be featured here on the site for you to see how your help and dollars are improving the lives and dignity of Palestinian families and children.  Help make a difference through your compassionate donations today.

The Faces of Palestine thank you!

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