What Do You Tell The Children?

12705364_10207502216166519_1983000440533773367_nImagine yourself and your children in the place of the Palestinian people, not figuratively only, but through an empathy and sense of humanity, allow yourself to feel through these words…

For the Palestinian, the only freedom they attain is when they are killed by illegal occupation forces.

How much longer will Palestine have to live under illegal occupation before the world cares enough to force change? Occupation is not just militarily, it is occupation of every aspect of life for the Palestinian, physically, emotionally and psychologically; it is control of the land they live upon, the food they eat, the water they drink, the air they breathe, their every movement.

qalandia-checkpoint Imagine waking up every day as a child in Palestine, having to face fear, apprehension, dread, uncertainty, and insecurity… seeing death around them, the destruction of homes and land, watching people shot and bleed to death in the streets. Imagine having to go through armed checkpoints just to go to school, to work, to seek medical care… These are the daily realities of children and families in Palestine.

How do you explain to your children that they should have hope, to one day build their homes on their own land that their fathers and grandfathers built upon, begin their lives, to work and start families, when all they know is to be controlled by a people and government whose sole purpose is to extinguish and exterminate their very existence?

How can we teach them of peace and the possibility of peace, when all they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste is destruction? Please do not listen to any Zionist propaganda stories… The history of Palestine will never change; the heritage and culture, the land and lives all per-existed Zionist Israel, and the truth of this cannot be changed, or erased, and the truth will always prevail.

15377_781How do you answer your children when they ask why? how? and when? when will freedom come?  Palestinians are strong, resilient, and proud people with equal measure of humbleness and dignity.  A people who even in the darkest hour believe that tomorrow brings promise of change, and hope for freedom.

As you sit in your safe homes, with your families, your lives, think of these things, and imagine if tomorrow you too were living under illegal occupation.  It is not an easy or comfortable thing to allow yourself to do or think about…why? because you are human and if such things did not make you uncomfortable than you would not have any sense of humanity within you.  Yes, these things, these realities for the Palestinians make you feel helpless, like the matter is insurmountable, but I beg to differ.  That feeling you have in the pit of your stomach right now as you read this, that is your conscience and sense of humanity feeling for other human beings.

12714003_1203917762970535_501863132_nWhat can I do? is a question you may be asking yourself.  What you can do is seek out the truth yourself, do not follow western constructed and formulated media reports.  Even scholarly works themselves that debate who is right and who is wrong about Palestine is not sufficient to base your knowledge.

This article is one of many building the end product, the book – a book that tells the real stories about Palestine from the Palestinians that live and die its truth.  Not opinions about politics or religious ideologies, but the humanity side of Palestine and her beloved people who just like you and me desire nothing greater than to live in peace, safety, security and protection.

12373276_577873235702207_3999923954135502275_nMy life through the ongoing research for this book has been forever touched and changed in incredible, positive and humbling ways.  I have sought the truth for myself and what I have found is so poignant and powerful that I now know this book will be first of many about Palestine and her people, the history and the future of Palestine.

Together with my partner and co-author Haitham Khatib, our hope is to open the doors and welcome you into the truth and lives of Palestine.  We hope that you find what you seek and that you too will be touched by the humanity and lives that you will meet through our book.  That such experience will serve to bring awareness, provoke thought and cause you to question what you have known and been told.

The Roots of Palestine Run Deep and Strong!

10290648_10207184156575228_744782538340177993_n “Where was Israel in this year?… Israel did not exist.”  Haitham Khatib

The would cannot forever deny the right Palestinians have to their land; land that has been theirs for centuries peacefully cohabiting with the Jews long before the Zionist ideal took hold.  Even now, the orthodox Jews of Israel stand with the Palestinians against the Zionist ruling government.  How dare anyone claim Palestine has never existed? This is the proof.

1231442_10207185053757657_3212798764293413410_n “Even if the Zionists try to totally exterminate us until no one is left, they cannot take away or change our Palestinian culture and history…Zionists will never be able to change the history of Palestine.” Haitham Khatib

It is a well known fact that Zionist occupation of Palestine has continually worked to eradicate every trace of Palestine.  The Keren Kayemet LeYisrael KKL has actively through afforestation concealed 46 out of 68 former Palestinian villages laid in ruin by Israel.  The main purpose of these actions are to take over Palestinian land under the guise of afforestation to prevent “trespassing” ~ in other words, prevent the Palestinians from reclaiming the land and villages that are rightfully theirs.

There are many Jews in Palestine that are working to hold the Israeli/Zionist occupation and colonization to account for their past and continued illegal appropriation of Palestinian lands, one such NGO (Non-Government Organization), Zochrot believes that peace will come only after the country has been decolonized, enabling all its inhabitants and refugees to live together without the threat of expulsion or denial of Return.

Peace can happen and will happen.  The true faces of Palestine are ones of peace, for centuries Jew and Arab lived peacefully, respectfully together in these lands and this is still attainable.  The world’s governments must stand together with the Palestinian people and Jews who seek a dismantling of the Israeli/Zionist control of the country.  How this can be most effectively achieved is through world wide awareness and acceptance of the truth about the history of these lands.

It is not the roots of afforestation that run deep in Palestine; it is the roots of the very soul of the Palestinian people that run deepest.  Roots that forever hold the land and bare the fruit of hope, resiliency, and determination to survive, and reclaim what is rightfully theirs against great odds.