Risking Life to Show the Truth

12507178_933135893443899_6676129013396426122_nMany photographers and photojournalists in Palestine risk their lives everyday to document and show the world the truth of what is happening daily in Palestine, living under threat and occupation.

I have the absolute utmost respect for these men, some of whom I have the great honor and pleasure to know personally.

A picture is said to speak louder than words, and this could not be more true of the photographers and photojournalists living and working in Palestine.

Many have lost their lives and others have been gravely injured in the line of duty.  Forever present in some of the worst war zones, conflict zones, and displacement camps.  From the photos showing the beautiful side of Palestine and her people, to the harsh realities of life under occupation.

I write this article in remembrance of those who gave their lives to show the world the real faces of Palestine, the real, barbaric and traumatic events of life in Palestine under occupation and apartheid.

I write this article also to express my gratitude and respect to those photographers and photojournalists that continue to remain strong, striving for the world to know and see the real life of Palestinians, the good, the culture, the heritage, the people, and the vast contrast of all of this against a backdrop of bloodshed, martyrs, ongoing conflict and threat.

In this age of social media, digital photography and video, the world will continue to see the truth, to see the real Palestine.  Through the work of these brave men, it is their hope and my hope that you, the viewer, will be provoked to question mainstream media, your governments, and seek the truth for yourself about the real faces of Palestine.


Palestine Needs More than Your Prayers Alone

We all need to take a stand and bring greater awareness of the atrocities taking place in Gaza daily. We are all a part of humanity and our conscious should be telling all of us that when one suffers, we all suffer and when one dies a part of ourselves also dies. How much longer is humanity going to turn a blind eye? Engage your conscious and help Palestine and her children, help the people of Palestine. Prayers alone are not enough, words without action mean nothing to these children.