Israeli War Crimes ~ Genocide and Murder

11180656_1126511507372230_5183280730115773528_nI have been doing research for my book, Faces of Palestine, for five months now and my research is ongoing.  In this time, I have had the privilege to be introduced to, meet, and interview many Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza.  Individuals and families, students, doctors and teachers.  Community leaders and more.

I have written articles about the Zionist Occupation, illegal settlements and settlers, their crimes against the Palestinians, their breaking of international laws and ongoing human rights violations.

I am also privileged and honored to have been asked by the Chief Editor of two well-known Palestinian News Agencies in Palestine to come on board with them as a regular feature writer, editor and contributor and to both their main website and social media sites.

I will continue to do so.  To write and fight for a free Palestine.  I have developed a growing international following through my writing and again I am grateful.  My articles are being translated and shared in other countries.

It is through this international networking effort of writers, journalists, photographers, videographers, press and activists, exposing the ongoing Israeli atrocities, crimes, genocide, murder and apartheid of Palestinians that we will see real change.  In addition, the growing ongoing movements of BDS (boycott, divest and sanction) that we see continued crippling of the Israeli government economically.

During my ongoing research, I have seen countless, graphic photographs and video footage of murdered Palestinians, men, women and children at the hands of IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces).  Many of these photographs and videos are taken raw, in the moment as things happen and through the power of social media, the truth is getting out.  Israel cannot control the flow of information exposing them; Israel can no longer hide their crimes and the world is beginning to take notice.

I have a very thick skin when it comes to such graphic content and maintain composure and objectivity.  It is a must as a writer and freelance journalist.  However, I am human also and what I witnessed and now much of the world has witnessed, that took place yesterday in Hebron, West Bank, is something that will haunt me forever.  The cold-blooded murders of two young Palestinian men, Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi and Abd al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif, both age 21.  Shot by IOF for “alleged” altercation between themselves and an IOF solider.

Abd al-Fattah Yusri al-Sharif was killed instantly, but Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi still laid on the street, shot, but alive and moving.  Surrounded by Israeli ambulances and first responders who denied him any medical assistance as is typical of the Israeli Zionists; who take pride in allowing their Palestinian victims to bleed out in the streets.  This is a well-known and internationally documented fact.

942298_211644429190839_2160598003568398314_nAs Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi lay in the street, an IOF Soldier cocks his rifle, and finishes Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi off by shooting him point-blank in the head and his blood is seen flooding the pavement beneath him.  This is cold-blooded murder.  Part of the systematic and premeditated genocide of Palestinians at the hands of IOF and illegal Zionist settlers, incidents that occur daily all over the West Bank and Gaza.  Israeli rights group B’Tselem released the raw, unedited video showing this young man’s execution (see link below).


The video shows that no attempt is being made by Israeli first responders to help this young man yet there are two ambulances present.  Numerous IOF soldiers and armed Israeli settlers are seen casually walking around this man, laying the street.

“A voice is heard (on the video) stating in Hebrew, “The terrorist is still alive, the dog,” and then, “The dog is still alive.”

At 1:48 into the video, a soldier cocks (and this can be heard) and aims his weapon, approaches al-Sharif, and shoots him in the head. The video then shows blood streaming from the man’s head.

One of the ambulances is then seen circumnavigating around al-Sharif’s body. It slows down and a man is heard saying, “There is nothing to do, go.”

The Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz reported: “The shooting was carried out while two officers stood nearby, and the two did not seem to respond to the incident. A few seconds before the shooting, they move aside and further away from the Palestinian who was lying on the ground. A voice can be heard saying ‘Okay, okay’ afterward. After a minute, the removal of the Palestinians’ bodies began.”

HEBRON MurderIOF are encouraged by the Zionist government to shoot and kill Palestinians at will whether perceived threat is real or not.  There is no accountability and no recourse for the Palestinians against these war crimes, these crimes against humanity.  Over 250 Palestinians, men, women and children have been executed in the streets since October 2015 and these numbers grow every day.  IOF sees Palestinians as less than human, and treat them less than animals.  IOF are trained and rewarded for every Palestinian they kill and they take great pride in these heinous accomplishments as seen on their smiling faces as they carry the bodies of these young Palestinian men away.

Again, Israel cannot hide their crimes anymore.  I have been trying since yesterday to make sense of such inhumanity as I have seen at the hands of occupation. There is no way to make sense out of what is senseless. The Zionist Regime in Israel is the epitome of evil in this world. The Zionists have no heart and no soul. They are murderers. They are criminals. Whether they are soldiers or settlers, they are criminals. Guilty of murder, of crimes against humanity, of crimes against children. How many more Palestinians must die before our eyes daily before the world will make the genocide stop? How many more crimes against humanity must the Zionist Regime commit before the world says enough?  #End_Occupation #End_Israeli_War_Crimes #Free_Palestine #Save_Humanity